2. I had a fun time today putting this together

  3. Hilarious ironic screenshot from a friend’s tumblr page. What can you say but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. seriouslunch:

    IF YOU WANT IT- here is the five hour party mix from our New Year’s party this year in a single massive mp3 file. Lots of good songs!


    The link expires 1/12/14. Happy 2014!


  5. Here are the books I read this year:

    Let’s Wrestle-­ David Shrigley

    Death in Venice, Tonio Kroger, and other short stories- ­ Thomas Mann

    One Big Soul: An Oral History of Terrence Malick­- Paul Maher Jr

    Woody Allen on Woody Allen: In conversation with Stig Bjorkman

    Buddah In Blue Jeans: An extremely short zen guide to sitting quietly and being Buddah­- Tai Sheridan

    Vanity of The Duluoz­ (part)- Jack Kerouac

    Speaker For The Dead­- Orson Scott Card

    Winter of our Discontent-­ John Steinbeck

    Conversations with David Foster Wallace-­ Stephen Burns (editor)

    Girl Mountain (web comic)- Simon Hanselmann­ 

    Winesberg, Ohio-­ Sherwood Anderson

    Rabbit, Run-­ John Updike

    Collected Fictions (part)- Jorge Lois Borges­

    Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano-­ Casio Abe

    Numbers in the Dark- Italo Calvino­

    Live From New York-­ Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller

  6. 2013 Bierbaum awards

    The hugely popular and much-discussed Bierbaum “end-of-the-year” awards are out. What a year! Decisions were tough but there are no runner-ups in these very competitive awards. It’s a great time to be experiencing artwork and a great time to be experiencing life.

    Best Movie: Alfonso Cuarón- Gravity

    Best DVD: Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal- Manufactured Landscapes

    Best Book: Paul Maher Jr- One Big Soul: An Oral History of Terrence Malick

    Best Comic: Sam Alden- Backyard

    Best Short Story: J.G. Ballard- Report on an Unidentified Space Station

    Best Gallery Artist: Tom Sachs- The Space Program at Park Ave Armory

    Best Album: FIDLAR

    Best Song: DYE- Fantasy

    Best Music Video: Kristoffer Borgli- Young Dreams: Fog of War

    Best Short Film: Bruce Thierry- Each Moment Is The Universe

    Best Tumblr: Douglas Battenhausen- Internet History

    Best Video Game: Mason Lindroth- Asmosnos

    Best Website: Hulk Film Critic

    Best Twitter: Joyce Carol Oates

    Best Instagram: Travis Millard

    Best Commercial: Wriggles & Robbins- Life Drawing at the Book Club

    Best Restaurant: Wylie Dufresne- Alder

    Best Bar: Sweetleaf

    Previous years:
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