2. Fan t-shirt from the @AlfredYankovic concert in NY last summer

  3. I directed this sex-having soccer video for Above Average.

    Written by Celeste Ballard

  4. After Effects error

  6. broadcity:

    25 years of Do the Right thing; our homage

  8. (Source: thelibrarianist)

  9. Tiny Town EP12- a very suspenseful episode

  10. Throughout this poster are innumerable supporting performances that I will never be able to forget and will probably think of every day for the rest of my awesome life. It’s impossible to single any out but one of my favorites is the flower-headed maiden on the far left, shrewdly sniffing her beer to see if it’s still good to drink because a moment prior she unexpectedly threw up a little bit into her own cup but no one saw and it’s not really enough to spoil the whole beverage, and if she just slurps the mucoidal discharge up off the top layer and spits it on the ground she can save the remaining beer because they cost like $12 a fill. Her beautiful headdress perfectly recalls an Edwardian-era beauty.

    Read the most recent installment of my aggressively stupid series “Movie Poster Reviews” on the Above Average blog here.



    A Million Ways to Die in the West